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SEOR – Oracle Redefined

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

What is Seor?

SEOR, a next generation decentralized Web3.0 application technology development infrastructure based on the Polkadot Ecosystem, provides a common data protocol of unified off chain data for different blockchain systems. Serving as a middleware supporting both Layer- 1 and Layer-2 protocols (on-chain and off-chain data sources), it enables easier data collection and verification.

Seal-Oracle’s (SEOR’s flexible oracle design) allows developers to use any off-chain data sources, while effectively reducing technology development difficulty. By building a common middle layer between decentralized applications and various blockchains, Seal-Oracle can increase interaction efficiency and help in creating a complete Web 3.0 infrastructure.

SEOR Network Solutions

Multi-chain integration

Current marketplace, with a single system support relying either on Layer-1 or Layer-2 protocols, makes data acquiring and verification difficult. SEOR solution lies in serving as a middleware supporting both Layer-1 and Layer-2 protocols, which effectively increases the possibilities of the marketplace.

Flexible Customization

The next stage of growth and improvement with the traditional oracle protocol is impaired by limited infrastructure. SEOR allows flexible network customization using its’ self-innovated solution Lightweight Oracle Network (LON), which also syncs seamlessly with the standard Oracle protocol.

Multiple Modes

A predominance of the single use case operation of request/response in DApps limits the level of support and activities. SEOR solution to maximize performance efficiency in DApps lies in operating three modes comprehensively, including request/response, subscription/broadcast, and immediate reading.

Compatibility Support

Most of the present standard Oracle protocols are limited to the usage of one ecosystem. By supporting multi-chain/cross-chain DApps’ off-chain data requirements, SEOR bridges the access gap in the marketplace, expanding possible applications beyond the limitations of one ecosystem.

Tokenomics / Token Utility

SEOR's native token $SEOR will be used (1) for staking purposes by data verifiers and suppliers to run nodes and provide services, and (2) by data users to access data services. Honest node operators and validators will be rewarded, while dishonest nodes will be punished with confiscation of staked tokens.

Token: $SEOR


The Team

SEOR’s team has a long history in the project management, architectural design and technological R&D of various successful blockchain projects including ONT, TRX, ETH, DOT, NEO and ELA.

Winnie Wen - Marketing Lead - Linkedin

  • Chinese Academy of Science Blockchain Laboratory of Research and Application Operations and development Centre Deputy Director

  • 10+ Years of marketing and growth experience in cross-border ecommerce; NGOs; the arts; and education sectors

  • Serial Entrepreneur

Wang Huaiyu - Tech lead

  • Responsible for architecture design and technology research and development at NKN

  • Involved in the project management, architectural design and technological R&D of

  • ONT, TRX, ETH and DOT.

Li Yingxuan - Project lead

  • Ex Onchain/Ontology Beijing Technology Officer

  • Involved in the project management, architectural design and technological R&D of

  • NEO, ONT and ELA

Jon Ren - Advisor

  • Has led the Step Finance Token Launch

  • The business consultant for Volatility Protocol and Swaperry

  • The Strategic consultant for Faraland, Evrynet, BSCLaunch, Project Seed, Showcase, IMM and Sienna Network



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