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Battle Saga, Earn-without-Playing NFT Game

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Battle Saga is a Clash of Clans inspired next generation strategic game that enables users to Earn-Without-Playing. This highly immersive game sets to be one of the biggest blockchain games in the market with it's innovative implementation of NFTs, DAO governance and it's own metaverse!

Battle Saga offers various types of NFTs, enabling players to own the game items that they play. The main NFT for Battle Saga is its hero NFTs. The hero NFTs come in various forms, shapes and rarity. This hero NFTS has the ability to train other heroes, enabling players to create new hero NFTs and sell them in the marketplace. Players will also have the option of changing the hero’s weapon with the weapon skin NFTs with different rarities. The base camp itself is NFT of its own and can be sold in the market. Players can sell the base camp with all the other NFTs as one package in the marketplace, including different types of buildings and towers skin NFTs, which also differ in rarity. The next type of NFTs are the troops without rarity traits. They can be donated or be sold as NFTs in the marketplace.

Battle Saga's fundraising and launch were a huge success. The project raised over $3 million and IDO listings on 5 top-tier launchpads including PolkaBridge, Roseon, Synapse Network were all sold out!

After being audited by ZOKYO $BLT launched on PancakeSwap on December 23rd and MEXC on December 24th.

Battle Saga's community is growing by the minute, and they quickly gained over 72K Followers on Twitter and a huge Discord community of over 30k members!

Token utility / Tokenomics

Battle Saga introduces the BEP-20 standard native token referred to as $BTL and in-game token as $GOLD. The usage of $BTL ranges from buying NFTs and realms in the marketplace. $BTL is also needed for the staking, farming, and breeding features of the game. As the native token of Battle Saga, $GOLD is used for in-game reward distribution and transaction circulation. It can be used for building up characters, training troops and upgrading buildings and weapons. It is the essential circulating currency of the game and allows the game to be significantly more lively. $GOLD can be liquidated to $BTL and $BTL to $GOLD.

Partners and Investors


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