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Cheesus - The Ultimate DeFi & NFT Rating Tool

Cheesus is a multichain analytical tool and multi-dimensional SQL database for on-chain trading transactions helping to find real gems within the DeFi and NFT ecosystem, essentially cutting down hours of research time and simplifying the do-your-own-research proves for everyone. It scans the blockchain not only to distill open, easy to find and easy to use information, but also provides inside information like real movements of tokens, amount of bots, fake and insider wallets. This includes accurate ROI predictions, educational material for novice blockchain traders, ratings of IDO, ICO and NFT drops and personal investment analytics. Utilization of these services may lead to optimization of trading and investment strategies and even open the door for copy trading platforms.

What problem does Cheesus solve?

The transparent nature of the blockchain technology means that all transactions are publicly visible and any attempt to hide them is futile. This does not mean that there are no such attempts, and when performed properly, it is possible to hide such transactions from most individuals as it is time consuming to track all the transactions. Such attempts may lead to price manipulation and potentially to losing capital of individual traders and investors. Cheesus is the “Eye of Sauron” seeing all actions on the blockchain. It will find and aggregate all data related to DeFi and NFT projects, then displaying information from top holders, to top dumpers and price action, effectively decreasing research time and optimizing trading or investment decisions. Additionally, projects looking to find investors face difficulties in finding loyal and responsible investors, who sell down positions without causing a heavy price impact. Cheesus aggregated data may be used by individual projects in order to find and choose responsible investors.

What does Cheesus offer?

Cheesus offers a variety of services, which can be grouped into 3 directions of development. The core group is (1) The Aggregator of DeFi and NFT related information. The next group, which utilizes the information from group 1, is called (2) Personal Portfolio Management. The last group, integrating information collected from the previous two groups is (3) Copy Trading.

The Aggregator of DeFi and NFT information

NFT Metaverse tracker On-chain truth track the most profitable NFT holders-check trading history of any wallet-discover fake NFT wallets, market makers and pumpers-find the most profitable wallets on ETH and BSC networks-find NFT projects life community -discover Flippers and Diamond hands for DeFi projects

Cheesus Rating and Portfolio Management Portal

  • An easy and effective way to control, adjust and compare investment strategies

  • Allow users to track their ROIs, wallets trades and liquidity pools investment

  • Great tool for tax auditors, providing token tax statements for any financial year, price mapping, trading activity tracking, multichain tax statements, while all exchanges are supported. In addition, the DeFi taxing tool will provide users with an easy way to generate tax statements and precise calculations of all profits for any wallet

Copy Trading

  • Enables copy trading by tracking the best performing wallets with the highest ROIs

  • The more data is aggregated, more options are presented to individuals

  • The whole process is decentralized

Cheesus competitors

Cheesus faces a somewhat more competitive segment of the market as there are 7 other known projects providing similar services, namely: Profit Scanner, Messari, Etherscan, Zapper, Zerion, Nansen, DeBank. Most of these analytical platforms provide only very basic services, thus we could narrow the competition into Nansen, Zerion, Zapper and Profit Scanner. There are 2 points what gives Cheesus a competitive advantage:

  1. The NFT Metaverse Tracker - opening unlimited access to the truth about any NFT metaverse projects and providing individuals with options to choose the best NFT projects to follow, discover fake NFT wallets, market makers and pumpers, and find projects with live communities.

  2. On-chain Truth - giving access to things hidden in the blockchain in the form of reports for: Flippers and Diamonds hands, the most profitable wallets, gem tokens, insider and fake wallets, etc.


Q3 2020

Team foundation Protocols Audits Start of the Development

Q4 2020

Launched Upgraded LP tracking system Added Assets Management Added Assets Tools Expanded ROI tracking statistics

Q1 2021

Protocols Evaluation rating alpha (onchain + offchain) UTokensale section added More ETH andvBSC protocols

to support Added DeFi PULSE page for BSC and ETH UAdded Research Centre UGlossary integration ULP dashboard upgrade

Token Utility/Tokenomics

$CHEESUS is the native token of the platform and it serves several purposes such as:

  • Subscription fee - while there is a free version available, the visible data will be limited and accompanied by ads.. Holding $CHEESUS tokens serves as a subscription fee and the more an individual holds, the more advanced data is unlocked while the amount of ads is decreased.

  • Governance of the $CHEESUS DAO

  • Earn with DeFi - featuring $CHEESUS staking and farming with ensured optimal APY rates, hassle-free liquidity management and stable profits, thanks to the deflationary and profit-sharing model

  • Pay for marketing campaigns - Cheesus provides a set of various marketing tools that will help to spread awareness about your product.

  • Pay for API Access - enabling the opportunity to build individual applications and tools using Cheesus' API data

  • Discounts & Extra Perks - priority access to unique tokens featured on the platform.

Token Distribution

Team members

The team of Cheesus is composed of highly knowledgeable, proficient and professional members focused on bringing innovative solutions to the masses. The years of experience building Web3 applications is clearly visible in their products. Cheesus is working hard to fill the gap of difficulties in understanding DeFi and NFTs, and making crypto more accessible to everyone.

Concluding remarks

The boom in the crypto industry brought a lot of attention and many new projects emerged. While the multitude of projects pleases traders and investors, it can also pose a threat to those who do not have the time to analyze each project separately. To put it simply, Cheesus has the ability to help us tell the good from the bad. It is an essential tool for every trader, giving valuable information about the most profitable transactions and traders across different chains in real time, allowing everyone to optimize trading and investment strategies.

Cheesus is a revolutionary tool for navigating DeFi, suiting experienced traders and beginners alike. The project is led by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals and also shows a vast competitive advantage over its competitors.


All content and information provided here and on our website is for general information and educational purposes only. We make no warranties of any kind in relation to our content and services, including but not limited to accuracy, security and updates. No part of the content and services that we provide constitutes financial advice, legal advice or any other form of advice meant for your specific reliance for any purpose. Any use or reliance on our content and services is solely at your own risk and discretion. You should conduct your own research, review, analyze and verify our content and services before relying on or using them and consult a licensed financial planner.


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