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Forward Protocol

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

The World's First Decentralized Learning Protocol

Forward Protocol’s modular architecture and ready-to-deploy fully customizable smart contracts are designed for any learning platform to adopt blockchain technology with a no-code interface. DeEd (Decentralized Education) creates infinite possibilities, changing how the world learns.

The vision is to develop a model like “WordPress”, with which any EdTech app developer, expert or entity can install an open-source application pre-integrated with Forward Protocol.

Forward Protocol will first be deployed on Polygon (2021). Forward Chain (2022 Roadmap) is a blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and Polygon Validators. The future is interoperable and Forward Chain will be EVM compatible and will become part of the internet of blockchains.

Forward Protocol can be incorporated by:

  • Course Marketplaces

  • Freelancing Marketplaces

  • Tutor Marketplaces Q&A Platforms

  • Informational Websites/Blogs/Apps

  • Recruiters/Companies

  • Educational Institutes

  • Informational Training Programs







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