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Gunzilla Games - Next Gen Gaming Experience

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Gunzilla Games is an independent, innovative, and player-focused AAA game developer. The team’s desire is to innovate, break down technological boundaries and create next-generation gaming experiences. Currently, a unique multiplayer shooter IP - Off The Grid - is under development, offering players options to do, see and experience more as they explore and progressively understand the game’s world. The project will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. A robust reward system will allow players to benefit from completing narrative-driven challenges. Gunzilla Games has recently secured $46 million USD in their latest investment round, and the closed beta game is scheduled to be released at the end of 2022 with the full working version in Q1 2023. In addition, the team is composed of successful, knowledgeable and highly experienced individuals from all corners of the gaming industry.

Gunzilla values

The core values of the team are presented below:

  • Players First & Foremost. The team aims to create titles that players love and get lost in, so our games are developed with them in mind from the start.

  • Trust in the team. Building strong teams of self-motivated individuals empowered to work at their best in a supportive environment: strong together, thrive together.

  • Commitment to Engagement & Quality. The team shares a deep passion for their work, aiming to produce next-generation experiences of the highest caliber.

  • Make Bold Moves & Innovate. Striving to make bold moves and push technology to its limits; there are no wrong steps if the outcome redefines the boundaries.

  • Open & Honest. Building trust through transparency and honest communication. “We’re proud of who we are, what we stand for, and what we’re building.”

OTG - Off The Grid

Gunzilla Games’ first title is a story-driven free-to-play (F2P) Battle Royale shooter set in a dystopian future. Unlike other BR games, OTG boasts a deeply immersive game world with a strong narrative players get to directly influence. The game features PVP (player versus player) and PVE (player versus environment) modes in which players’ decisions influence the overall game story, providing an unprecedented level of immersion in this genre.

They recently released a teaser trailer for OTG which gained a lot of attention from the gamer community:

GunZ Team

Gunzilla team gathers a wide range of knowledgeable experts coming from all corners of the gaming industry with a passion for pushing player experiences forward. The team is located in three iconic metropolitan locations: Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Kyiv.


Vlad Korolev, Chief executive officer and co-founder

Vlad's early career started in digital banking where he began as a deputy of a commercial department for a payment processing company named CyberPlat. Later on, he co-founded Paymo, a successful integrated payment solution for online marketplace, and launched a financial tech startup whose services were used by over 40 banks.

Vlad left the digital banking field to pursue his lifelong passion - video games. His first project was co-founding the popular matchmaking app PLINK, which reached over 5million users in the US alone. In early 2020, Vlad and Alex Zoll, the other co-founder of PLINK, decided to found Gunzilla Games. He is also a partner and board member of GAMEGROOVE to ensure a strong financial and advisory foundation for Gunzilla.

Alex Zoll, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder

Alex has 17+ years experience in video game develop

ment. His career started as a CEO of Crytek Kiev, an independent video game developer company. Other gaming companies he co-founded and is on board of include Blackwood Games, PLINK and Sonus. Right before co-founding Gunzilla, Alex was a leading developer of Warface, a wildly successful online shooter, which boasted 140million+ users worldwide.

Key Members

Timur Davidenko, Chief Technical Officer

Timur began his programming career in 1998. His video game development career started in 2001 after joining Crytek, where he amassed 18+ years of experience. During his time at Crytek Timur was leading the development of CRYENGINE, which included contributing to the Far Cry and Crysis series, Warface, Hunt and Ryse. Currently, he is a CTO at Sonus and Gunzilla, as well as a board member at GAMEGROOVE. His role at Gunzilla is to supervise the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

Neill Blomkamp, Chief Visionary Officer

Neill is a Hollywood director, screenwriter, producer, and visual effect artist renowned for blending nature and photo-realistic CGI. He rose to prominence after the debut of District 9, a thematically daring and visually inventive motion picture that earned nominations for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, and Best Visual Effects at the 82nd Academy Awards. He went on to direct Elysium and Chappie, continuing his Hollywood work. Neil also directed Halo: Landfall early on in his career. In 2017, he co-founded Oats Studios, a company producing experimental movies distributed via YouTube and Steam.

Luke Davis, Chief Operating Officer

Luke has 8+ years of experience of AAA games production throughout team, feature and pipeline management, alongside with putting new development and production processes and structures in place. His early career started at Creative Assembly, where he helped deliver several titles in the hugely successful Total War series. His career continued at Evolution Studios, supporting post-launch issues and content delivery for Drivelcub, and Cloud Imperium Games, developers of Star Citizen.His production, managerial and industry experience are highly valuable to the Gunzilla team.

Scott Probin, Game Director

Scott amassed 32+ years of experience in game production and designat well known companies such as Ubisoft, EA, THQ, and Silicon Knights. During his career he contributed to the creation of over 40 games: EA Sports’ NHL series, the Need for Speed franchise, Populous 2, Powermonger, and Space Hulk. Scott works hard on building and leading the design team.

Olivier Henriot, Executive Narrative Director

Olivier had 18+ years of experience in AAA game development - as a scriptwriter at Ubisoft - as he joined Gunzilla,. He contributed to the stories and gameplay of well-loved franchises such as Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and The Division. In addition, Scott is a lefelong storyteller and has published several graphic novels under the pen name Hensher.

Richard Morgan, Script Writer

Richard is mostly known for his award-winning novel and subsequent Netflix series Altered Carbon. Other notable works include Thirteen (Arthur C. Clarke Award), Market Forces (John W. Campbell Memorial Award), The Steel Remains, and a seminal run with Marvel’s Black Widow comic books. His videogame experience includes lead writer credits on Crysis 2 and 2012’s Syndicate reboot.

Arianne Garin, Brand Manager

Arianne’s career started in the filmmaking industry, working as Assistant Director for Discovery Life Channel, Investigation Discovery and various independent films. Her involvement in the gaming industry started with Star Citizen, the biggest crowd-funded game of all time, where she successfully marketed numerous spaceships, patch releases, features, and events. Arianne is also a Women in Games Ambassador at WIGJ advocating gender equality in the industry. Her role at Gunzilla is to grow the studio’s exposure and build long-lasting relationships between players and Gunzilla’s upcoming AAA games.

Jussi Keteli, Art Director

Jussi started his career with traditional art, photography and graphic design. In the videogame industry he was involved with the iconic Gears of War series, Star Citizen, where he developed locations, and created art for Hunt: Showdown. Jussi was also involved in the academic field, serving as a teacher of art at the Games Academy in Frankfurt and giving countless talks on video game art at various UK universities.

Volodymyr Savin, Audio Director

Volodymyr's passion for composition and sound design started at university where he studied music and art. After finishing university, he amassed comprehensive experience in many facets of music production and sounds design, from working with AC/DC and Sony Music to running his own virtual instrument company, Strix Instruments, where created the PRIPYAT Pianos audio plug-in used on the HBO Chernobyl series, which took 7 years of recording. Volodymyr’s career achievements in the videogame industry when it comes to audio would be his work on the mobile series Cut the Rope, Metro Exodus and various other titles.


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