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Ignite Tournaments - make any mobile game play-to-earn!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

What is Ignite Tournaments?

Ignite Tournaments is the world’s first play-to-earn esports tournament organization and streaming app which gives gamers the power to:

  • Organize their own tournaments for any mobile-compatible game,

  • Farm cryptocurrency,

  • Win NFTs that they can trade directly in the Ignite Tournaments mobile app.

Ignite solves 6 of the most common esports tournament problems by:

  • Being Fully Mobile-Optimized

  • Native Streaming Functionality

  • Native Chat Functionality

  • User Ad Revenue Share

  • LOW Chargeback Potential

  • Integrated Crypto Transactions

Ecosystem Rewards and Benefits

Unlike traditional game publishers and platforms, who extract value from gamers spending their hard-earned money on in-game items, Ignite Tournaments rewards everyone who participates within it's ecosystem and DAO.

Gamers, tournament organizers and guilds will be rewarded with $TENKA for tournament organization and participation; the winner of each tournament will also receive an NFT. Liquidity providers and stakeholders will be rewarded with yield for contributing to TVL. Game publisher who partners with Ignite Tournaments and directly integrates game with Ignite Tournaments platform will receive rewards in perpetuity from any tournament that features the game.

In addition to playing to earn $TENKA by competing in tournaments, gamers can also play to earn Gamer Tokens - a non-fungible token tied to the gamer's performance on Ignite Tournaments

Token utility / Tokenomics

$TENKA is a deflationary token native to the $TENKA Network that powers the Ignite Tournaments® platform. $TENKA is used for:

  • Treasury

  • Council Nominations

  • Proposals

  • Entry Fees

  • Prize Pools

  • Transaction Fees

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Match Adjudication via Smart Contract

  • Payouts

$TENKA total supply - 1 billion:

The Team

Partners and Investors



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