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MOON - A Moon Exploration Strategy Game

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Moon is an interactive economic, political, and social Metaverse created to virtually explore and colonize the moon. It allows players to engage in complex interactions, offering infinite amounts of possible community-driven future paths. Drawing inspiration from the rich legacy of well-known all-time RTS (real-time strategy) favorites such as Sim City, Rise of Nations and Age of Empires but expanding the formula using state-of-the-art technology, MOON seeks to engage the modern audience in new and innovative ways.

Moon Metaverse is a simulation game built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is built around the same engine that drives Ertha, another NFT-driven strategy game by the same team.


The core of Moon’s gameplay consists of 126,000 HEX cores, which are NFT land plots, and as such can be traded, rented or used in-game (for resource mining, generating economic gain etc.). Landowners can act as political entities - just as in real-world politics - forming alliances, controlling commerce or even going to war against other players.

Moon country structure consists of three different governance levels: army, fiscal administration and political structure/governance. The complex political relationships these governance levels provide enable infinite possibilities, limited only by the players’ imagination. The abundance of options and unpredictability, along with additional exploration missions and optional side-quests, will keep players engaged in the long term.

Real-World Value

What really makes this game stand out is the way in-game value stretches out into the real world.

Players are getting tired of the ‘grind’ (as the recent Grand Turismo 7 reward scandal clearly indicates). Having players perform meaningless boring actions just to acquire in-game currency can not only fail to engage players but can have a counter effect - it can frustrate players enough to leave the game altogether and bring negative publicity. The way Moon addresses this issue is by providing real-world value to the in-game currency and assets. In-game NFTs can be traded not only within the game but outside of it, on crypto exchanges. HEX land plots can be taxed by their owners, bringing revenue denominated in the native 2MOON token.



Moon Metaverse has formed a strategic partnership with Onchain — a venture capital group specializing in blockchain gaming. With their help, Moon is hoping to deliver a market-leading Play-to-Earn experience in which players can convert their time, investments, and skill into real-world value. Onchain boasts a portfolio that includes hit games such as Ertha, Star Atlas, and Axie Infinity.

Moon has also secured a launchpad partnership with Seedify - a highly respected incubator and launchpad for blockchain games. They provide an avenue for their community to gain access to the tokens of upcoming projects before they are listed on exchanges.





Fundraising. Community-building via social network platforms. International Media Campaign




Customers acquisition. New interactive in-game content.



IDO - TGE. Agreements with Exchanges and Launchpads. Moon Hex Sale.



Token utility possibilities, social integration and its usage.



Play to earn/learn mechanics integration and its expansion.




Expanding Mechanics. Metaverse implementation. Portals between Metaverses.

Concluding Remarks

In its current state, the gaming industry allows no major mistakes. The stakes are too high for big projects to afford blunders caused by underestimating players’ needs. Their pulse has to be read carefully. One of the major pain points for gamers, who are starting to value their time more and more, is the lack of real-world incentive to keep playing. Innovative ways to address this issue such as developing an engaging Play-to-Earn model could certainly prove game-changing (pun intended).


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