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Ojamu - The brand empowering blockchain solution for digital marketing optimization

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

What is Ojamu?

Envisioned to revolutionize digital marketing, Ojamu automates and enables digital marketing campaigns optimization. Built as a cross-chain Layer 2 protocol on top of blockchain projects like Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Solana, Binance Smart Chain etc., while using AI tools and blockchain technology to analyze real-time data, it is able not only to provide a deep insight into consumers interaction with marketing but also to predict the most relevant digital marketing strategy for end users via the Ojamu NFT Access Pass.

Standard marketing methods are largely outdated, focusing on manual data collection and analysis. This increases the possibility of loss in capital, time, resources, and a market share gain for competitors. By using Ojamu’s neural predictive engine, brands can potentially gain an exponentially higher degree of success in their digital marketing endeavors, vastly improving ROI, while at the same time increasing the speed and accuracy of campaign execution. Using Ojamu, internal marketing and/or external support agencies headcount numbers would decrease, further optimizing the profitability of brands.

How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing?

With the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it, and then react to it, AI is revolutionizing digital marketing. As the amount of information on potential consumers grows, AI will become more important due to its ability to make data-based decisions quickly and accurately to help the Digital Market.

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field, leaving companies looking for ways to make it easier and optimize their marketing operations, increase ROI, and ensure brand consistency. AI offers many benefits such as automatization of real-time data inputs, flexible personalization, error reduction, and an overall increase in decision making potentially saving time and resources.

The real use cases of AI in digital marketing

AI is already widely deployed by leading companies around the world to enable sales to funnel optimization (SFO), sales forecasting, churn prediction etc. To better understand the issue and highlight the potential of AI deployment, we first describe the above-mentioned tools.

SFO is a tool to analyze past customers' purchase history from the point of product/service awareness by customers all the way from interest, evaluation, and desire to action, where the product is purchased. Sales Forecasting predicts what and when a customer will purchase. Customer churn can be described as the loss of customers by a company. While customer growth may seem appealing, customer churn is a big problem in most companies, potentially leading to a reduction in sales. Churn prediction models are crucial to decrease the rate of churn, as they offer more time to approach and potentially save those customers.

Previously, those tasks were done using manual inputs, which is very inefficient, time-consuming and leads to many human-related errors. In addition, the response is slow causing companies potential loss in opportunities, sales, and market share. AI can vastly improve the overall efficiency, with simultaneous real-time data collection, analyzes and the best possible decision predictions based on probabilities.

How does Ojamu work?

AI trainable NFTs collect hundreds of millions of data points in targeted industries for brand and digital agency clients. Once the data is collected, Ojamu cross-correlates hundreds of millions of unique data sets to provide automated digital campaign recommendations by using Ojamu’s neural predictive engine. After predicting the most suitable marketing strategy, with the highest probability of success, users are provided with a step-by-step marketing strategy roadmap. Access to gated data is possible using Ojamu NFT Access Pass, which is possible to purchase with the ecosystem native SOJA token.

What does it offer?

Ojamu offers two solutions, depending on the service needed. If a company has no marketing department or plans to decrease its headcount, brands can choose Ojamu Managed Platform Solution (OMP). OMP offers its customers not only the collected and analyzed data, but also direct digital marketing managed by the Ojamu team. The second option is to use Ojamu Self-Serve Platform Solution (SSP), which is very consumer-friendly and easy to use. It enables brands to utilize SSP in maximizing their digital marketing efforts.


Token Utility/Tokenomics

$SOJA Token

Ojamu native SOJA Token is deflationary by default, enabling utilities such as the purchase of The NFT Access Pass, Staking and Earning Yield, Voting on Proposals and Holding NFTs to Earn SOJA.

The Team

Hal Bame

Founder and CEO of Ojamu

Amassed over 20 years of international business experience, specializing in strategic business development & marketing in the interactive entertainment/video industry, digital media, and technology sector across global markets. Hal’s work experience comes from various e-sports industry companies such as ESL, Codemasters Software LtD and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He also co-founded Nemesis, a Singapore based gaming start-up, and HGB Consulting, a United State based consulting company in a variety of industries.

Roland Ong

Singapore director

Over 20+ years of experience in leading positions. Founder and CEO of IAHGames, CEO of China Interactive Pte. Ltd, co-founder and co-CEO of China The9 Interactive. Specializes in high-tech systems and large scale computing architecture. Roland has a vast amount of previous work experience, achievements in raising capital of over US$340M and investing activities.

Magnus Dufwa

Chief Technology Officer

6+ years of experience in blockchain technology-related development, specifically in smart contract development, ICO/smart contract auditing and blockchain advisory services. The most notable developments in this field are smart contracts for Shipchain (US$30M ICO), Node Haven (US$50M ICO), Chain guardians NFTs, Antler media NFTs. Magnus has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry ranging from development, technical design, test management, service, product, and release management. In addition, he is also the founder of Blockalize AB, Advisor at V-ID, CTO at Agryo and Senior Business Analyst at Global Blue.

Fateh Singh

Chief Marketing Officer

Holds a Media Technology degree from Birmingham City University. Fateh's work experience comes from well-known names in the private sector as Shopify and Gymsharks, as well as from the public sector cooperating with national NGOs and the government of Canada. In addition, he is a founder and CMO at 96 Media, a digital agency focused on helping brands grow by leveraging brand strategy, eCommerce platforms and social media marketing.

Matt Westerburg

Senior Software Engineer

15+ years of development experience, specifically building SaaS products. Matt’s work experience includes Front End lead at Securian, Senior Engineer and Frontend Developer at Best Buy. He is a founder and operator of Comfy Chair Consulting, where he managed and served as a lead developer for about 40 different projects from areas as business applications, reporting platforms, social networking, and eCommerce applications.

Concluding remarks

Ojamu is a blockchain solution for AI-powered digital marketing optimization. The recent accelerated expansion in digital marketing demonstrated many flows and inefficiencies, mostly related to slow and inaccurate data collection, analysis and prediction, which can cause companies potential loss in capital, time, resources, and a market share gain for competitors.

Ojamu is the first blockchain-based project with an innovative solution, offering its consumers real-time AI-powered data collection, evaluation and predictions based on probabilities. By using Ojamu, brands can potentially increase the degree of success in their digital marketing strategies, improve their ROI, and increase the speed and accuracy of campaign execution.

Brands can choose from two options, the Ojamu Platform Solution with direct digital marketing management by Ojamu’s, or the Self-Serve Platform Solution. Regarding Ojamu’s team, it is well balanced and has a long history of proficiency in IT fields, blockchain-related technologies and digital marketing. Individually, all team members have previous high end working experiences in their specific fields, while also being founders of their respective successful businesses.

“Ojamu is going to the moon” according to BitBoy

In a recent viral video, BitBoy shared his predictions for altcoins in 2022 with a potential to increase 100 times. And his number 1 pick was - Ojamu! Further in the video, it was also revealed that he invested in Ojamu and is willing to increase his holdings as he is very confident in the project.



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