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Play It Forward (PIF) DAO – Make playing more rewarding

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

What is PIF DAO?

PIF is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to make a play-to-earn (P2E) more accessible and streamlined gaming experience for everyone. PIF DAO has committed itself to creating a cross-game guild management platform that makes connecting players easier than ever. It is a combination of two parts:

  • The PIF Guild, a large-scale P2E guild composted of 3,000+ scholars across Asia, 40,000+ community members, managing NFT assets both for the DAO and external investors;

  • P2E Board, a centralized guild management platform of the Metaverse, aggregating immutable data for players and guilds across their gaming histories to provide tools for guilds to scale. Currently 7,500+ participants.

With the P2E Board allowing broad access to all, PIF DAO may become the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play Metaverse. Their goal is to become multi-game and multi-guild with a preference for growing the pie rather than taking a bigger slice.

P2E games on Metaverse

Since GameFi and P2E games first hit the blockchain scene, the excitement around the concept has exploded. While P2E games like Axie Infinity already attracted millions of players worldwide, new P2E games are being launched every day since they became the hottest new idea in the blockchain field.

P2E games are early-stage metaverse platforms with added innovative economic models allowing players to build financial means for playing. These projects bring a new world to gamers and pave the way for a new era in the gaming industry. The centralized video gaming industry is already worth $USD336+ billion, making it larger in value than the movie and North American sports industries combined. Once P2E gaming goes mainstream, the industry is likely to explode. Spending time having fun while generating a steady income for playing? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

PIF’s P2E Board

Like many other new projects at the time of their inception, P2E gaming also faces certain challenges and entry barriers. The most prominent of them are investors being interested in the earning potential, but don’t care to play them, while players would love to play them, but don’t have the resources to buy the necessary NFT’s and other digital assets. These challenges are being largely solved by the creation of guilds, which allow investors to purchase the digital assets needed to play P2E games, and then put them into the hands of users who lack the financial means to buy them. Both sides are benefiting and earning by reducing entry barriers. The guild managers are responsible for new players recruitment and training, tracking guild earnings, and more.

While building and managing a guild served as a solution to decrease entry barriers, it created new challenges. The most difficult challenge was for the guild managers to keep up with everything without the benefit of a central hub, hindering countless guilds from reaching their maximum potential. PIF’s P2E Board wants to change this by creating a single simplified platform to build and manage guilds. Using the team’s guild building and managing experience, PIF created a platform that includes everything a guild needs to succeed. The benefits of using PIF’s P2E Board include:

  • Easy access for scholars to join guilds;

  • Payouts are possible to be tracked across all their favorite P2E games;

  • Possibility of collaborating between guild members to earn more and develop meaningful relationships;

  • Managers have greater access to information about potential members;

  • Once managers built a solid stable of players, they will be able to track performance, earnings, etc.;

  • To be able to join a guild using PIF’s P2E Board, players will need $PIF tokens, which can be staked on the platform and enable reward sharing and give access to exclusive, more robust features.

Currently deployed games and upcoming games

Currently, PIF DAO is cooperating with three projects, namely:

  • Axie Infinity, the largest P2E game, is a digital pet/trading card game allowing players to battle both CPU-controlled and player-controlled enemies. Players can earn-in-game tokens ($SLP) by completing daily quests and battling in Arena and Adventure matches;

  • Thetan Arena is a fast-paced MOBA and Battle Royale game revolving around the combination of personal skills and teamwork. Players battle in teams of 4 in a winner take all matches using unique NFT hero avatars. Players can earn-in-game tokens Thetan Coins ($THC) and Thetan Gems ($THG).

  • Pegaxy is a PVP style horse racing game where groups of 12 players compete for a spot in the top 3. Each race has randomized variables and by using their Pega NFTs and other game mechanics, players can increase their position to win. In addition, players can earn-in-game Vigorus tokens ($VIS).

PIF P2E Board is actively looking to deploy the following games to their community:

  • Sipher, MOBA type game set in the fictional world of Sipheria with the governance token $SIPHER

  • Summoners Arena is an innovative RPG-style game focused on strategic decision-making;

  • Nitro League is a futuristic racing game with competitive and casual elements, the governance token is $NITRO;

  • Blockchain Monster Hunt is a Pokemon-inspired game that employs a unique multi-chain model;

  • Avarik Saga is a strategic team-building game with nostalgic JRPG art;

  • Ethlas is a unique marketplace platform model for Blockchain gaming combining casual and NFT gaming elements with the governance token $ELS.

In all of the games mentioned above, PIF DAO has either committed to take a position in their respective governance token or participate in their respective NFT sale.


Q4 2021

Phase 1:

PIF Guild + P2E Board closed beta

Q1 2022

Phase 2:

Multi-Game, Multi-Guild Ecosystem

Q2 2022

Phase 3:

Play-to-Earn Capital Gateway

Token Utility/Tokenomics

Token: $PIF

The ecosystem native token $PIF will enable users to join PIF DAO and unlock many benefits. Utilities include staking for users and investors, tools accessing for guild managers and enabling players to join the DAO community, having a voice in the future of PIF DAO and NFT lending/borrowing.



PIF DAO management team

Cholo Maputol – Chief Executive Officer

10+ years of experience in traditional finance, specifically in debt financing, occupying leading positions at ASEAN branches of ANZ Bank and Merrill Lynch. Cholo is an active investor in crypto since 2017 with a passion for Web3 and P2E games.

Janze de Guzman – Chief Strategy Officer/Platform CEO

7+ years of experience in tech-focused management consulting at top banks in North America, prior experience at the IMF in Washington, DC. Janze is a co-founder and CEO at P2EBoard, co-founder and CEO at Leaguarboard. He is passionate about Web3 and community-driven platforms.

Rupert Cabrera – Operations Lead

Rupert is a Founding Partner and CEO of Think Sumo Creative Media, which is a 9+ year-old Philippine-based tech startup company specializing in software and systems development. The company developed various platforms designed for problem-solving, community engagement, business operations and corporate marketing.

Arlo Cristobal – Automation Lead/Guild CTO

12+ years previous experience from technology lead, software engineering and technology consultancy. Arlo is still serving as a senior manager at the Bank of Montreal in Canada. His position at PIF DAO is focused on technology, security solutions and automation.

Paolo Santos – Platform CTO

10+ years of experience in lead development positions Paolo’s career started at Ideo Studios Creative Media Company, where he was the director of IT. Later on, he also co-founded and was the CEO of Think Sumo Creative Media. All this was achieved while Paolo was teaching Computer Science at his alma mater university.

Ricardo Sentosa – Chief Marketing Officer

Ricardo amassed vast previous experience. He is a co-founder of Aemorph, a Singapore based digital marketing agency, and Venuerific, the largest venue marketplace in Southeast Asia. He is also an executive director for Leonie Hill AI, an institutional-based crypto OTC desk. In PIF DAO his responsibilities include building the marketing team and strategy from the ground up.

Concluding remarks

PIF DAO has committed itself to creating a cross-game guild management platform that makes connecting players easier than ever. Its main purpose is to erase or limit the entry barriers for both investors, not interested in playing the game, and players, not having the necessary capital to start to play the game. By doing that, the PIF DAO is hoping to bring mass adoption to P2E gaming in the Metaverse. Its P2E Board platform will enable to bridge various information for players and guild managers across many P2E games. In addition, the platform will enable staking and community-based governance. As for the moment, the platform is cooperating with 3 games, while in the future it is planning to expand this number. The team has a long history, especially from a field of traditional banking, development, software engineering and marketing, with a strong passionate belief in Web3 and P2E gaming.


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