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The Weekly Debrief 02

Market Overview

Traditional & Crypto Market Overview

  • Risk markets sold off over this holiday shortened past week with US equities ending mostly in the red as investors continued to monitor the Federal Reserve's potential rate actions, geopolitical volatility, inflation and supply chain disruptions

  • Digital assets saw a similar performance as most leading cryptocurrencies dipped, albeit the losses were not as severe as the prior week - LUNA posted the biggest loss among top 30 coins for the week, plunging 15% - with the overall global market cap falling below USD2 trillion

  • Peace negotiations stalled between Russia and Ukraine this past week, as Russian President Putin called the talks a "dead end" and vowed that the Russian military operation would continue "until its full completion"

  • On the economic data front, the release of US CPI data indicated that inflation (ex food and energy) month over month increased less than what was forecasted for March at 0.3% vs. 0.5% expected. US CPI year over year data came in at 8.5% vs. 8.4% expected however, which was the largest increase year over year since December 1981

  • The US Treasury curve shape continues to normalize compared to previous inversions due to the bid in the front-end of the curve. The 2-year UST closed the week at 2.502%, the 10-year UST closed the week at 2.877% and the long bond at 2.954%

  • On the digital asset side, Binance gained in-principle approval from financial regulators in Abu Dhabi, while crypto payments company Circle announced a USD400m funding round led by asset manager BlackRock and Fidelity as well as Uniswap Labs set up a venture arm to invest in web3 projects (more information on overall deal flow on the next page)

  • Moreover, former Ripple adviser and law professor Michael Barr was named President Joe Biden’s first choice to become vice chair for supervision at the Federal Reserve, while Ethereum's shift from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake will not happen in June but “likely in the few months after” according to Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko

VC and Fundraising Deal Flow

Source: CRT Labs

Market and Performance Overview

Fear and Greed Index

Upcoming Key Calendar

Source: CRTLabs, Bloomberg, CoinShares



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